Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Happy Birthday, Carnival!

That's a wrap!

Welcome to the December 5, 2011 edition of chess improvement carnival. Some great stuff, and as a Christmas gift I was very inclusive in accepting stuff that was submitted.

This is the last Carnival I am going to be involved with. I appreciate everyone taking the time to participate by submitting articles, hosting carnivals, etc..

You have provided a lot of great content the past year, and Warheit is going to be taking the baton from me, so be sure to stay tuned to his blog, and comments section here, for updates on what is going on. He showed his unflagging enthusiasm for chess by making three submissions this month. Wow!

Blunderprone presents How I rust-proofed my training. This topic is incredibly important, so have a look.

Robert Pearson presents Chess Blogger v. Chess Blogger! ChessAdmin-RLP 10.15.11 1/2-1/2

lefthandsketch presents Irina Krush's Lecture at the Marshall Chess Club

Intermezzo presents Abrakebabra!

Robert Pearson presents Memorable Game 9: 2002 Alaska State Ch., Ron Campbell - R. Pearson 0-1

ChessAdmin presents Annotated Game #21: Modern Stonewall Hero

lefthandsketch presents Simon Williams: Attacking with the French

Robert Pearson presents Book Review: Play 1. e4 e5! A Complete Repertoire for Black in the Open Games by Nigel Davies

ChessAdmin presents The Kung Fu of Chess

Mark Weeks presents The Bridge, the Diversion, and the Best Defense

Robert Pearson presents more Chess and Brain Stuff, plus blitz heresy

Geoff Fergusson presents Coakley’s Winning Chess Exercises for Kids

Intermezzo presents Christmas Quiz 2011 posted at Hebden Bridge.

Good bye chess bloggers! Warheit, contact me via email, please, and we'll talk....


Blogger Robert Pearson said...

Thank you for all your work! I thought I only submitted three items from the last year, I see four...I didn't mean to overdo it! :)

12/06/2011 01:45:00 PM  
Blogger BlunderProne said...

Dude! Thanks so much for getting me in at the last minute and above all, for carrying this baton so far.

12/06/2011 02:57:00 PM  
Blogger Mark Weeks said...

Congrats on having the idea, on sustaining it for a year, and on closing it gracefully. I'm sure you'll let us know if someone takes up your offer to carry on. - Mark

12/08/2011 05:21:00 AM  
Blogger Signalman said...

A cardinal sin has been committed :)

The Mark Weeks entry should be

Seems like you mis-spelled the word chess !

Thanks for the carnival this year and looking forward to the Wahrheit time too.

12/11/2011 02:09:00 PM  
Anonymous The Mascot said...

Chess is still for nerds.

1/03/2012 09:59:00 PM  
Blogger Robert Pearson said...

You and your readers are invited to submit items to the The Best Of! Chess Blogging Carnival. Deadline is January 27. Hit the link for more details, and please post a link on your blog or chess forum.

Best regards,

Robert Pearson

1/06/2012 02:02:00 PM  

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