Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Circle 2.3 Finished

I finished mini-circle three of the second stage in Chess Tactics for Beginners. I am getting faster while my percentage of correct answers slowly creeps up. A couple more times and I think I'll be nailing the problems with little effort. I'm now doing 40 problems per session and recognize them almost immediately. Despite recognizing the problem, I don't always remember what to do; however, once I reach the board-recognition phase that means in the next circle I will likely recall the right move fairly fast.

Each day, when done with my problems, I've started to redo the ones I got wrong. This seems to help a lot.

I am now very happy I chose the Queen's Gambit Accepted. While I am not good at playing it yet, I am starting to like the feel, starting to learn some basic plans and features of the position. White players tend to not be all that booked up on on it either, so the game quickly becomes chess rather than opening book regurgitation.

# CirclesPercent Correct
Problem Set 11398-99-100-100-100-100-100-100-100-100-99-100-99
Problem Set 2390-93-96
Problem Set 30
Problem Set 40
Problem Set 50
NOTE: Circles done with CTB.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello blue. i LOVE the QGA as white. at a 'club' level, i cannot tell you how many black players try to keep the pawn, and how many games i have won that way...

have you tried the benko? after the slav to match my avocation of staunch Caro-Kahn, i have it as key element. again, at a club level, many as white run into themselves defending it. at the same time, i have found that my seniors often refute me, so it is definitely only a weapon for facing opponents equal or lesser in elo...

and thanks for your kindness in sending a note today that you noticed. a note from you is always a good thing!

how goes the tar heel world?

i spoke with my best friend in winston today, and he is busy as alway defending big tobacco as an extreme L wing person miscast in big conservative southern law... we dont discuss his cases EVER, but i do have caller ID and how many big tobacco names are there?

warmly, dk

11/15/2006 06:45:00 PM  

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