Tuesday, July 14, 2009

For the Bibliophile

Tommyg has a nice ranking of the 11 annotated game collections he has finished. While I might quibble here and there (e.g., I still like First Book of Morphy!), overall I find his assessments helpful and sound. It will be interesting to see how he thinks the infamous Zurich 1953 book compares if he reads it.


Blogger Tommyg said...

Hey BDK:

The Zurich book is definitely on my "to read" list but it won't be for awhile as I am trying to be borderline chronological when it comes to game collections. Obviously I am going a little out of order here and there which I think is healthy!

On the subject of books, I recently purchased a really cool book entitled Chess Gems. It is basically a conmbinations/puzzle book but they are all from actual games and they are ordered chronologically. The solutions often have good explanatory prose as well. I have been trying to solve 2 a day at a real board. It kinds of gives a different breath to normal tactics study.

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