Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We interrupt our regular broadcast

If you will get annoyed by non-chess content, don't read this post. This may be the first political post on this site, and I hope it is the last.

People in Iran are protesting by getting on their rooftops three times a night to shout 'Allaho Akbar' ('God is Great'). In this poignant video record, the woman speaking says, "They can take our phones, our internet, all our communications away, but we are showing that by saying "Allaho Akbar" we can still find each other. Tonight they are crying out to God for help."

I post the video (well, the audio really as the video shows only darkness) as a tribute to humanity's will for liberty. The people of Iran are speaking. I hope everyone out there is listening.


Blogger BlunderProne said...

I have several friends who are from Iran. One I went to college with, another is a former professor freind of mine whO I stay in touch with regularly. Taking the time to listen to meet folks with different backgrounds soon reveals how similar we are in dreams and aspirations and golas in life. We should all have that freedom! My life is richer having friends like this. I feel connected to a greater cause in a global sense.

When the elections were hapening I texted my college friend :
"Emad, If I could vote in Iran, my vote would go to Moussavi! Thinnking of you and wishing you and your family the best."

His resposne:
"Hi George,
It is great to hear from you. Thanks for your text message. All of my family members share your opinion as well.
Hopefully change is coming to Iran and I am very optimistic that we get rid of Ahmadi Nejad. ..I am currently in Toronto paying a visit to my pregnant sister. My plan is to return to Boston next week and stay for couple of days. I will definitely contact you at that point and further chat with you.
Please pass my warm regards to Suzan,


humanity ... it's a beautiful thing.

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