Monday, June 29, 2009

Anonymous contributors

Chess content brought to my attention by two anonymous commenters:
  • Quiz yourself on square colors. Refresh your browser and it lists the squares in a new order. Very nice! Now that I've become a fan of board visualization (the ankle weights of chess training), I will probably use it.
  • Chess puzzles blog. There is no shortage of such things online, but it can't hurt to do more.

    Blogger wang said...

    Nice finds. The square color thingy is especially cool, as I'm thinking that this is an important part of improvement.

    6/29/2009 04:52:00 PM  
    Blogger From the patzer said...

    Like you said the puzzle thing one can find at many places. But nevertheless, since it aren't all mates in one this blog is also suitable to do puzzles.

    I love the square color thing. Good way to practise your board visualisation although it's only the basics.

    6/30/2009 08:33:00 AM  

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