Monday, May 11, 2009

Notable Posts

Some recent blog posts that I've enjoyed:

*An opium repertoire for white, explained: from Katar. If you want fun and swashbuckling, this is for you. A great blog entry that reminds me of bloggers of yore. Until just recently, I followed an opium repertoire and it was a lot of fun.

*Yes, I Do: or some such hard to penetrate title from chesstiger. He's talking about our new love, the International Chess School.

*Inaccurate calculation, from chessskill's blog. I like it for the following quote: "In chess, there is good enough and there is correct. Moves that are good enough work against weak opposition, correct moves always work."

*Reassembler tells us how to beat a Grandmaster. Excellent advice, very inspiring. I think someday, I will beat a GM!

*Castling Queenside shares the trials and tribulations of multitasking at tournaments. I can't do it. Hell, I don't even like to do skittles at tournaments as I get too stressed out.

*Blunderprone probably doesn't need the traffic, but there's yet another great entry in his Ken Burns special on chess tournaments. The most recent entry covers a guy I had never heard of Laszlo Szabo.


Blogger From the patzer said...

I got mentioned!


5/13/2009 03:56:00 AM  
Blogger Polly said...

That's the problem with one is ADHD. We can't help ourselves. We have to be doing at least two things at one time. :-) You should see me on Monday nights when I'm really directing and playing too. It's getting harder now that we have 16 people showing up.

5/15/2009 01:36:00 AM  

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