Monday, March 30, 2009

Chunky Rook=Good Blog

An auspicious beginning for a chess blog, over at Chunky Rook. He has gorgeous and intelligent posts, and we know those two things don't usually go together.

One of his posts reminds me of my Silman endgame project, which I will post about next week for those that have emailed me.

Oh, and this just over the transom: check out Tuirgin's blog which seems like a good addition to the faltering chess improvement genre.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, that's very kind and very encouraging. Your "Confessions" and Temposchlucker's "Chess Effort" were among the blogs that inspired me to give this experiment a try, so thanks for that, too!

I'm looking very forward to your post on the Silman endgame project. When I started studying chess in earnest, I was taken by Josh Waitzkin's advocacy for learning the endgame as a way to penetrate the "true" core of the game. Later I thougth that approach was misleading and ineffectual. Now that I've absorbed some more middlegame and opening ideas, I'm once again tempted to agree with Josh. So many questions in the opening and the middlegame turn out to be endgame questions, after all. Caissa and her vily ways!

3/30/2009 02:04:00 PM  
Blogger Blue Devil Knight said...

Chunky: the project is fairly mundane--I want to enter all the positions into a big PGN file, but thought it would be fun to distribute the workload so a bunch of us could contribute. I dropped the ball on it, though, and need to pick it back up.

3/30/2009 02:20:00 PM  
Blogger Tuirgin said...

Thanks for the mention—one of the reasons I started blogging on chess was in the hopes that community involvement would help keep me from falling away again when things get even busier than they already are. Thanks, it's encouraging.

3/30/2009 02:29:00 PM  
Blogger From the patzer said...

I found Chunky Rook's blog also very good so i have already added it to my friends (links).

The other blog that is mentioned i will have to explore first but a recomendation of BDK is a big plus.

3/30/2009 04:50:00 PM  

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