Friday, September 28, 2007

Zombie Chess

In Boulder, CO hotel. Too tired to put up kick-ass zombie pic. Plus, see below on why no pics only text.

Stupid stairwell we're sleeping (trying) next to; keeps yelling at us with suitcases and freaks and jackanapes on stairs ('jackanapes,' spelling of which I am not sure, I stole from Mr Burns: I frankly have no idea what that word means, but it kicks ass and seems to describe the people on the stairs perfectly). I hate you stairwell, and you stairwell CHUD! (technically 'CHSD' unless I stipulate that 'U' stands for 'understairs')

Sleep deprived. Tired. Good time to find out which tactics I really know by heart, as there is no chance I can actually think in this state of mind. Good results: even with inability to think can get most of these problems right. That fucking rocks. The one I actually wasn't sure about really hurt my brain, though, so I think I'll leave it to morning rather than guess wrong and get a milli-percent lower on this Circle. Sin of pride? Or could it be Sin of wanting-to-be-done-with-these-fucking-circles-and-so-I'll-sleep-on-this-problem-and-be-100-percent-sure-I'll-get
-it-right-next-time-though-if-not-this-time-through? Probably a little of both.

So that's my new training technique: zombie chess. Tests pure pattern recognition as you're so tired you can't sleep. OK, here's the official method TM (trademark on word 'method', not the method): Don't sleep for three days. Then play chess. That's zombie chess. My bet is that chessloser would beat us all at Zombie Chess. He'd even beat Fischer. I don't know why, but don't bet against him at this game. He'll kick your ass in it.

If incoherent, blame the stairwell. Damn you stairwell!

Zombies rule. I just wrote this in the room, but refuse to give them ten freaking bucks to get internet access and post it. Screw you CHUD! So if you are reading this it's because I posted it, which means I made it out alive to get to internet. My promise to you, perhaps hard to believe, that I didn't edit this in the light of day once I made it to the internets. Not even this sentence. Not even the first sentence. Which sentence, dear reader, is the sentence I published in the light of day? Not even this one. That's right. Nor this. You may keep reading, thinking I'm lying about not typing one edit in the light of day. But you would be wrong, notice no links in this page. That's more evidence that I'm not lying. Only crappy html edits like <b> with no outside content. Plus Galaovitians 3:2 says it's true so there. This sentence might be false, but the rest of this document is a hundred percent true. This is what unedited unsleeped BDK looks like. If you don't like it, and I assume nobody does, then be happy I sleep. Or perhaps I should be happy I sleep, as if you hate this rambling free association crap fest, then you wouldn't be here. Ergo I'm happy I sleep.

Enlightenment. This is what it is like to be DK-Transform. The freedom of free association, of not being constrained by the categories of the understanding or forms of intuition. Quite liberating. DK-Transform, where are you when I need you? I need you to talk me down.

Not even this sentence was edited (getting back to topic of two paragraphs ago). Thank you. Good night. Literally, good morning as it is now 6 am as I type. Isn't it hard to believe I didn't edit this masterpiece? That sentence: unedited after I escaped from CHUD. Meaning, I did not edit it after escaping from CHUD. So is this one. I could go on all day like this (by 'this' I mean going on like I'm going on now, sleep deprived, not later in the internet cafe where I got free access).

Zombie bloggers rule even more. This is my new format. Wake up at 4 am and blog. I bet it would rule.

Note, anybody out there who tries to be clever and point out anything about the liar's paradox, don't even bother. I'm too tired for that crap.

P.S. I'm not high. Seriously. I'm just sleep deprived.


Blogger likesforests said...

"This sentence might be false, but the rest of this document is a hundred percent true."

I have some profound thoughts on this...

"Note, anybody out there who tries to be clever and point out anything about the liar's paradox, don't even bother. I'm too tired for that crap."

Nevermind. Get some sleep!

9/28/2007 01:38:00 PM  
Blogger Blue Devil Knight said...

LOL. In the middle of the afternoon I can now see I was insane in the middle of the night. :)

9/28/2007 03:28:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol, lots of fun.

9/28/2007 06:16:00 PM  
Blogger transformation said...

KRISHNA: THEREFORE, who doeth work rightful to do,
Not seeking gain from work, that man, O Prince!
Is Sânyasi and Yôgi—both in one!
And he is neither who lights not the flame
Of sacrifice, nor setteth hand to task. 5

Regard as true Renouncer him that makes
Worship by work, for who renounceth not
Works not as Yôgin. So is that well said
“By works the votary doth rise to saint,
And saintship is the ceasing from all works;” 10
Because the perfect Yôgin acts—but acts
Unmoved by passions and unbound by deeds,
Setting result aside.

Let each man raise
The Self by Soul, not trample down his Self, 15
Since Soul that is Self’s friend may grow Self’s foe,
Soul is Self’s friend when Self doth rule o’er Self
But self turns enemy if Soul’s own self
Hates Self as not itself. 1
The sovereign soul 20
Of him who lives self-governed and at peace
Is centered in itself, taking alike
Pleasure and pain; heat, cold; glory and shame.
He is the Yôgi, he is Yûkta, glad
With joy of light and truth; dwelling apart 25
Upon a peak, with senses subjugate
Whereto the clod, the rock, the glistering gold
Show all as one. By this sign is he known
Being of equal grace to comrades, friends,
Chance-comers, strangers, lovers, enemies, 30
Aliens and kinsmen; loving all alike,
Evil or good.

Sequestered should he sit,
Steadfastly meditating, solitary,
His thoughts controlled, his passions laid away, 35
Quit of belongings. In a fair, still spot
Having his fixed abode,—not too much raised,
Nor yet too low,—let him abide, his goods
A cloth, a deerskin, and the Kusa-grass.
There, setting hard his mind upon The One, 40
Restraining heart and senses, silent, calm,
Let him accomplish Yôga, and achieve
Pureness of soul, holding immovable
Body and neck and head, his gaze absorbed
Upon his nose-end, 2 rapt from all around, 45
Tranquil in spirit, free of fear, intent
Upon his Brahmacharya vow, devout,
Musing on Me, lost in the thought of Me.
That Yôjin, so devoted, so controlled,
Comes to the peace beyond,—My peace, the peace 50
Of high Nirvana!

9/29/2007 07:02:00 AM  
Blogger transformation said...

speaking of rants, please dont tell me you have not, as yet, seen my newest post, relating the hegonomy of pax Russian School chess to the missing father figure, Nixon, the end of the sixties, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and getting bombed by German bombers on top of a train AFTER playing Tal who was drunk on a rockety rickety train, then the probability of 49 year old men to mate with 23 year old italianesque looking Inuit lithe females who study nutrition with a prediliction for thin, energetic, communicative, sensative bald men?

9/29/2007 07:10:00 AM  
Blogger transformation said...

never mind Kant or Adam Smith or Dante or Temposchlucker. this reads like Dostoyevsky, Notes From the Underground goes to Heisaman-Dvoretskian real chess cum tree of variations Strunk and White ne plus altra william Zinsers On Writing Well on No Sleep.

9/29/2007 07:14:00 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

i don't know if i'd win at zombie chess, but you are the king of zombie blogging. this his HILARIOUS! sleep deprivation brings out the best in you. now, stop being the best at everything and get some damn sleep.

9/29/2007 09:47:00 AM  
Blogger Blue Devil Knight said...

DK: I think your response is completely appropriate, fitting in every way. :) And I saw your great Fischer homage last night.

Chessloser: i have been so tempted to edit the monster, it really grates against my aesthetic sense in parts. But since I promised in the post that I wouldn't, it must stay (ironically, this was the subject of the repetitiveness so I really can't back out now).

I really don't know why, at 4am doing puzzles in zombie mode, I had the very strong feeling that you would kick ass at chess in that state of mind. I stand by my confidence. :O

9/29/2007 10:08:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe this is what you need, but you'll have to make the pieces yourself :)

10/03/2007 04:37:00 AM  
Blogger Blue Devil Knight said...

Anon: LOL. here is a link to what he mentioned: a zombie chess set! Awesome! We need to have a zombie chess theme tournament.

10/03/2007 10:03:00 AM  

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