Monday, March 19, 2007

Soltis wisdom nugget #3

From page 207 of How to choose a chess move:
Clarity is more important to the player with the advantage than to his opponent. If you have the inferior position you usually want matters to be impossible to calculate because that increases the likelihood that your opponent will make a bad decision.


Blogger BlunderProne said...


I love Soltis's works. I have read through that book twice now. I must agree with the nugget too.

being Blunderprone and true to the name mroe often than not, I have recently written about this on my blog. The player with the advantage material is usually at a disadvantage in initiative. The trick is to recognize where to draw on that.

I have had many come from behind wins/ draws and ...well plain miracles. That's not to say that I blunder on purpose either. My best "save" was against a life master and legend John Curdo :
This was a bishop down position where I took advantage of making an open g-file.

Lemonade is easy to make if you have the ingrediants handy. Sometimes you have to improvise.


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