Friday, March 12, 2010

Dan Heisman on Twitter

Some great Heis-Cubes such as:
Make the developing moves you know you are going to make before the ones that you think you want to make


Blogger LinuxGuy said...

Thanks for the chess twitter link. I enjoy reading his stuff, but I don't really see it the same way as he does.

In chess, there is no substitute for calculating tactics, although in practical terms anything can happen, you could win or draw without a single tactic.

If I let someone off the hook as losing because they don't know castling, even that is too general. Yeah, sure, they were lost anyway because they didn't know how to castle (ridiculous example), but even then there are usually missed tactics to improve from next time. There are degrees even of crappy moves. Chess is a hard game if you have to play it by rules when you are confused, IMHO.

3/13/2010 03:13:00 AM  
Blogger LinuxGuy said...

I guess I meant hard to improve by following general rules, but okay easier to play, FWIW, sure.

3/13/2010 03:16:00 AM  

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