Sunday, April 16, 2006

Circle 1, Day 4

First, congrats to Salcido for finishing his circles! Way to go, man! It's been a while since a Knight Victorious has emerged, and he deserves bonus points for writing his own software to perform them. Who will be next? My bet: King of the Spill.

130 down, 589 to go in circle one. Still just mate in one exercises, with a few more of those to go. While generally easy (I solve most of them in well under a minute), the exercises are well-chosen to illustrate the power of piece coordination in mating. In my games, I typically use a couple of pieces to mate. I should be coordinating more of them in my king attacks. CTB is great software for the novice.

Circle #12345678
Total #7197195935931312131213121312
# Done1300000000
% Correct98nanananananana


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